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Services offered:

  • Firearm Cleaning-$25.00 Once a month recommended 

  • Firearm DEEP cleaning-40.00 Twice a year recommended. Parts completely disassembled and cleaned. 

  • PPP- (Pistol Parts Polish)- 50.00 Highly recommended for new pistols. Once polished maintenance is more effective, longer lasting. Overall performance is smoother. Glock original parts is gross ya'll.

  • Optic Mounting- $15-$25 Price varies for optic size. 

  • Optic Zeroing- $35 Optic is laser bore sighted and then range tested. Results shown. 

  • Modern Rifle Assembly- $65 Have a kit? Don't want to put it together? Let us handle it! Background check required on finished product per ATF regs. 

  • P80 Pistol Frame Assembly- $45 Have a P80 frame and want it professionally assembled? Let our master P80 builder finish it! Requires serialization and then background check on finished product per ATF regs. 

  • Pistol Sight Install-$25

  • Personal Armorer Service- $100 per year P.A.S. service is a one of kind experience! Once an account is created, one of our reps will be assigned to you for all your firearms needs. They will take a "Dream List" of items you have always wanted, and keep you up to date on inventories, and prices. They will assist you like a Doctor on retainer. Firearms cleaning, optics mounting, and Zeroing fees waved. All other services and prices 15% off! Join the Rune Ravn Tribe today and experience the next level of Personal Armorer Service!

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